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    Gilad Atzmon: The Penny Has Dropped

    Ynet reported yesterday , that in a BBC global poll gauging  attitudes towards various countries worldwide, Israel came pretty much at the bottom --  There were just three countries less popular than the Jewish State – Pakistan, North Korea and Iran.

    The Israelis must find it hard to accept that their  state is one of the least popular countries in the world.   Seemingly,  Zionism -- that presented itself as a  promise to bring about  a civilised and lovable Jewish state --  has totally failed.  

    In spite of relentless Hasbara efforts and the Jewish lobbies around the world, the penny has dropped -- People out there see Israel for what it is : Just 21% of those polled wordlwide expressed a positive opinion of Israel.

    I guess that the message is clear -- the solidarity with the Palestinians is about to become a tidal wave. Palestinian solidarity is the true meaning of humanism.

    We are now a mass movement that is becoming increasingly aware of itself as such. 



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