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    Gilad Atzmon Talks about music, Palestine, Zionism and Islam 

    We are touring all over Europe at the moment

    I met Underyourskin in my hotel room in Vienna just before our concert.

    We spoke about everything...

    politics, Palestine, Zionism, Left, Jewish Left, Islam, resistance...:

    and also about music, art funding, the art of resistance,  beauty..


    This is where we play this month:

    Gilad Atzmon & the OHE


    March  6,  su        Vienna/AU                   Porgy & Bess   

    March 7, Mo         Paris/Fr                        Libraire Résistances (talk & concert)

    March  8, tue        Redange/Lux                L'inouï

    March  9, we         Frankfurt/Ger               Kulturfabrik      

    March 11, fri         Klosters/Sw                  Kulturverein      

    March 12, sa         Chur/Sw                        3 Könige 

    March  13, Su        Freiburg/Ger                  Cafe Palestine (a talk)

    March 13, su         Freiburg/Ger                   Jazzhaus          

    March 14, mo         Pforzheim/Ger                 Domicile             

    March 15, tue         Saarwellingen/Ger           Jazzclub             

    March 16, we          Zürich/Sw                       Moods         

    March 17, thu          Karlsruhe/Ger                 Tempel  (Talk & Concert)                            

    March 18, fr             Köln/Ger                       Altes Pfandhaus      

    March 19, sa            Heilbronn/Ger                Jazzclub  

    Latin America

    March  21 San José Costa Ricca J Interview with Radio-Universidad and university- newspaper

    March 22  Turrialba, Costa Ricca  Working with circus group .

    March 23 village of Tres Equis, Costa Ricca  village of Tres Equis.

    March 24 Turrialba: Workshop with students of youth  Orchestera. 5pm Concert together with Fantazztico in Turrialba

    March 25 Siquirres  5 pm Concert with Fantazztico

    March 26 Village of Alegria: 11 am together with a small circus group
    March 27 village of St. Marta: 11 am together with circus

    March 28  San José: 5pm Conference at university Of San Jose  

    March 29 Concert at Jazz Café / Escazu 9pm


    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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