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Welcome to Gilad Atzmon's webpage. This site provides information about Gilad's musical and intellectual activity.  

Press TV-Tony Blair Is Blamed for Labour defeat

“It is very clear that British public is tired of these Zionist wars. It is tired of fake left and fake Labour. And the success of Jeremy Corbyn is probably the most positive sign we see in British politics for decades. It means that there is a support for genuine call for equality, for proper working class politics,” Gilad Atzmon told Press TV’s UK Desk on Friday.

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Shame on Christians Witnessing for Palestine,

While I am confident that you personally did not blackball Alison, the group has.  To me that is an indication that it has been co-opted by Zionists and Christians who are so philosemitic that they cannot even recognise the hypocrisy of their actions.  Shame on them and their refusal to speak truth to power.

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In Memory of The Great Manuel Talens

Manuel Talens died Tuesday, July 21, in Valencia following a long illness. I lost a close friend and Europe lost one of its bravest critical minds, a major intellect and one of Spain’s best translators. Manuel was a true left intellectual, now pretty much an extinct political animal. It is difficult to imagine the world without him. 

A decade ago, I advised the ‘Jews in the movement’ as they call themselves that they were heading toward a disaster. Manuel and I identified the depth of the flaws in Jewish anti Zionism. We spotted the tribal core that drives non ethical judeo-centric politics.  If my detractors were brave enough to read my work instead of desperately trying to destroy me, they could save themselves from the disaster to come.

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Bob Carter's Letter to the U. S. Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine

     I have carefully read every word of your statement against Alison Weir. Thank you for making it very clear that you label any supposed or alleged attack on Jews as "anti-Semitic." This is an ancient argument and you are renewing it. I noticed that you seldom attempted to prove with a factual rebuttal that the supposed attacks on Jews were false. Let's face it you are reinforcing the idea that somehow that Jews presently and throughout history are immune to criticism as if somehow Jews have no responsibility at all for their persecution. 

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