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Unlike most British Jews, The Vast Majority Of UK Muslims Are Loyal To The Kingdom

What is it about British Jews, that has caused so many of them to fail to settle after so many decades? Why are they happy to wander again? Is the notion of dwelling foreign to Jewish culture? Is true assimilation impossible as far as Diaspora Jewish culture is concerned? Is it possible that it is actually the prominence of Jews in British society (media, politics, culture, finance) that makes Jews feel insecure?

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The Guardian Surrenders To Zionist Pressure

The following post is taken from the Ultra Zionist CIF Watch. The hawkish Israeli outlet is bragging today about its success in persuading The Guardian to  remove The Wandering Who from its online book shop.  Needless to say that The Wandering Who was published three years ago, it has been a best seller since then. It was translated into 12 languages and not a single claim referring to  any form of hatred has been issued in the UK or anywhere else. The Wandering Who has been endorsed by the most impressive list of scholars and humanists.  Seemingly, it doesn't take much for The Guardian to shamelessly surrender to pressure made by supporters of   ethnic cleansing Israel.  

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