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    Atzmon writes  on political matters, social issues,  Jewish identity and culture. His  papers are published on very many press outlets around the world.  Here is just a short list of his recent publications: World News, Press Tv, Rebelion, The Daily Telegraph, Uprooted Palestinians, Veterans Today, Palestine Telegraph, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Aljazeera Magazine,   Information Clearing House,   Middle-East-Online,   Palestine Chronicle, The People Voice, RedressShoa (The Palestinian Holocaust) , The Guardian, transcend and many more.

    Gilad and All That Jazz

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    Gilad Atzmon is one of modern music's most respected musicians. He is also a controversial public opponent of Israel. Born into a pro-Zionist family and serving in the first Lebanon War, Gilad had a dramatic turnaround. He quit the army, picked up his sax and exiled himself to London, declaring ...

    Directed by: Golriz Kolahi

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    Gilad Atzmon's New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics

    Jewish identity is tied up with some of the most difficult and contentious issues of today. The purpose in this book is to open many of these issues up for discussion. Since Israel defines itself openly as the ‘Jewish State’, we should ask what the notions of ’Judaism’, ‘Jewishness’, ‘Jewish culture’ and ‘Jewish ideology’ stand for. Gilad examines the tribal aspects embedded in Jewish secular discourse, both Zionist and anti Zionist; the ‘holocaust religion’; the meaning of ‘history’ and ‘time’ within the Jewish political discourse; the anti-Gentile ideologies entangled within different forms of secular Jewish political discourse and even within the Jewish left. He questions what it is that leads Diaspora Jews to identify themselves with Israel and affiliate with its politics. The devastating state of our world affairs raises an immediate demand for a conceptual shift in our intellectual and philosophical attitude towards politics, identity politics and history.

    The book is available on  or

    Gilad Atzmon on HardTalk BBC Persia (english) from Gilad Atzmon on Vimeo.


    A German Self Hater For A Change

    He hates his German past as much as he loves his Jewish present. 

    However unlike Jewish ‘self-haters’, Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger is not a subject to a vile harassment campaign by the hands of his former compatriots.

    Also,  unlike many Jews who are obsessed with the primacy of Jewish suffering, converted Jew Wollschlaeger actually believes that we must draw a universal lesson from the Holocaust. It may be possible that Wollschlaeger’s Nazi father actually brought  up his son in the light of a universal ethics.


    The Controversy of Zion - Interview With Gilad Atzmon 

    Sott Talk Radio interview with author and jazz musician Gilad Atzmon. Atzmon is a former Israeli Jew. In this interview, he reveals some fascinating information about the Jewish political ideology.

    We spoke about The Ashkenazi Eugenic project, Left impotence, Soros' Controlled opposition and more.    

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    Johnny Racist and A White Jew With A Fat Arse

    By Gilad Atzmon

    A black musician friend told me a funny story the other day. Among his sins he regularly attends  black comedy nights here in London. On  these   nights the comedians are black and the audience predominantly so. But the other night a big white young woman settled in the front row. It didn’t take long before one of the female stand up artists picked on her.

    “What are you doing here, on  a black comedy night?”

    “I am black,” the big white woman answered.

    “surely you are not, you are very white.”

    “but I am Jewish,” the woman replied

    “so you  are  a white Jew.”

    “But I have a big bum” the woman insisted.

    The black comedian clearly didn’t approve of ‘kosher essentialism,’ she turned her back to the audience and pointed at her own petite and toned buttocks. She then faced the Jewish lady and angrily shouted at her.

    “You are not black, you are just a white Jewish woman with a fat arse.”

    We  are entitled to laugh, I guess, because this short punch line mocks the Jewish progressive solidarity onanism – a deceitful political spiel that is set to convey an image of empathy and leads nowhere.

    It seems that within the context of ID politics, one is welcome to pick an identity regardless of any authentic considerations. The Jewish woman decided to identify as black. Yet, in spite of her ‘fat arse’ she won’t be stopped by the Metropolitan police four times a day. She won’t be detained or harassed  because she fits into a specific category within the police’s racial profiling book. The Jewish woman is somehow privileged.

    The spectacular British TV comedy Little Britain’s Daffyd Thomas (The Only Gay In The Village)  exposes the authenticity hole at the centre of contemporary ID politics. Daffyd Thomas is a gay wannabe. He is, in reality, a mere collection of symptoms, he basically craves someone else’s identity while being detached from any true and real notion of selfhood.  In fact, he has never been in bed with a man.

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    Young Gilad (22 years old) in an Israeli Big Band

    I didn't realise I coud read music when I was young ...


    Jesus In Auschwitz For Easter (must watch)

    By Gilad Atzmon

    Now that Jews have started to tire  of their own Holocaust industry, some Jews have decided to send Jesus to the gas chambers just ahead of Easter.

    The following peculiar video appeared on the net a few days ago.

    ‘That Jew Died For You’ is a three-minute video showing Jesus Christ being schlepped to Auschwitz amongst a group of fellow Jews. And guess what, the horrid Nazis do not show mercy toward  the holy man, they send him to the gas chamber together with his Jewish brethren.

    The film was produced by Jews For Jesus and the explanation is as follows – ‘Jesus has often been wrongly associated with the perpetrators of the Holocaust.’ The short video is meant to clear that up. Jesus was ‘just another Jew,’ and he would have been ended up in the gas chamber like any other Jew.

    The Jewish ‘progressive’ outlet, Forward Magazine, is not happy with the clip  and its message. Apparently the Forward doesn’t approve of Jews For Jesus because it is a ‘front’  dedicated to the conversion of Jews. Jay Michaelson writes “let’s start with the reminder that Jews for Jesus is a front. …It exists to convert Jews.” Michaelson doesn’t like the clip either. “Any Jew with personal, familial, or even historical memories of the Holocaust will immediately find it to be an outrage. Not to state the obvious, but it desecrates the memory of six million Jews to use their suffering as a way to convert Jews to Christianity.”

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    An Interview With David Rovics

    Art of Resistance


    I have a lot in common with David Rovics. We are both artists- he is an American singer/songwriter, I am a Jazz artist, we are outspoken, we both oppose imperialist  wars and we also believe that ethics and aesthetics are somehow related and can bring a change. For many years I’ve been overwhelmed by the simplicity, the honesty and the directness with which David delivers his message.

    Gilad Atzmon:  Music and politics, shouldn’t they be separate entities?

    David Rovics: Music without politics is fine.  Politics without music, I’m not so sure…   Politics needs music to keep it human, to keep it connected with humanity.  As far as politics in music, it works well because you can tell a story in a song that doesn’t ring the same alarm bells as it would if you told the story some other way.  I think music — and other forms of artistic expression, but especially music — is the best way to bring someone somewhere you want to bring them, if you can’t take them to the actual place you’re singing about.

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    Jeffrey Blankfort - Are there Israel lobby gatekeepers and damage control squads on the Left? 

    National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" on March 7, 2014 at the National Press Club.

    Jeffrey Blankfort is a journalist and radio programmer. His articles have appeared in CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Mondoweiss, Pulse Media, Left Curve, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. He currently hosts a twice monthly program on international affairs for KZYX, the public radio station for Mendocino County in Northern California where he now lives.

    Blankfort was a founding member of the November 29th Committee on Palestine, a co-founder of the Labor Committee on the Middle East and editor of its publication, The Middle East Labor Bulletin (1988-1995).


    Stephen Walt: The "special relationship" and what has changed since "The Israel Lobby" book 

    Presentation at the National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" on March 7, 2014 at the National Press Club.

    Stephen M. Walt is professor of International Affairs at Harvard University; previously taught at Princeton University, University of Chicago; consultant for the Institute of Defense Analyses, the Center for Naval Analyses, and the National Defense University. He presently serves on the editorial boards of Foreign Policy, Security Studies, International Relations, and Journal of Cold War Studies.

    Walt also serves as Co-Editor of the Cornell Studies in Security Affairs. Author of The Origins of Alliances, which received the 1988 Edgar S. Furniss National Security Book Award and, with co-author John J. Mearsheimer of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.


    Leaflet tells Jews to register in East Ukraine

    World leaders and Jewish groups condemned a leaflet handed out in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in which Jews were told to "register" with the pro-Russian militants who have taken over a government office in an attempt to make Ukraine part of Russia, according to Ukrainian and Israeli media.

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    The Most Interesting Tube Ever (must watch)

    The Frost Programme - Oswald Mosley (15th Nov 1967)

    David Frost confronts Mosely, Frost is very sharp, funny at times. But Mosely,  former head of the British Union of Fascists,  stands firm. He holds his position and presents his rational. They discuss the alliance with Hitler, racism and anti Semitsm. Around 14 minutes in, the Jewish mob attacks. This is a must watch!

    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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