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    The End Of The Jewish State Is Here

    According to a new survey, more than a third of Israelis would leave their Jewish State if they could. It seems as if most Israeli Jews prefer to wander again.

    I guess that the time is ripe to go back and read Guide To The Perplexed, my first book, apparently a phonetic text describing the emerging Israeli reality.

    Go to "A Guide to the Perplexed" page A Guide to the Perplexed by Gilad Atzmon

    The year is 2052, and the state of Israel has been defunct for forty years, the majority of its citizens having become refugees overseas. In order to provide Israel with a decent burial, an Institute for the Documentation of Zion is established, and among its archives is the autobiography of one Gunther W?nker. A Guide to the Perplexed is the story of Gunther's life. Born in Israel, Gunther becomes fiercely anti-Zionist through the experience of national service. He loves European, especially German, women and soon leaves Israel to find fame, fortune and fornication in Germany: cultured country of his ancestors whose collective guilt-trip is a goldmine for the licentious professor. Before long Gunther is a famous professor of philosophy and the founder of '

    Peepology' - an intellectual discipline derived from the exile's position as voyeur. A Guide to the Perplexed is a darkly funny reflection on the dangers of racial purity and the position of the outsider in Western Europe. Gilad Atzmon's book marries the playfulness of Nabokov with the sexiness of Philip Roth. It is an angry reflection on the effects of ethnic cleansing of both our bodies and our minds.

    'Atzmon's book is one of the funniest books I have come across. He manages to finely scrutinize male apathy and to come up with very accurate observations about men, women and unimportant subjects such as global politics' Ynet;

    'A brilliant hidden Nabokovian approach' Maariv; 'Plucks on the most sensitive strings of Israeil society' Haaretz


    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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