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    Remi Kanazi: The Dos and Don'ts of Palestine – A Poem

    don't call it genocide
    we don't want to offend anyone
    if we offend them
    they'll never listen to us
    we have to be reasonable

    1,400 is just a number
    no names
    no death
    we want peace and negotiations
    don’t mention Zionism
    if you mention Zionism
    they’ll call you anti-Semitic
    and people will believe them

    don’t ever be angry
    if you’re angry
    they’ll call you angry
    if they’re angry
    everyone will call them
    understandably emotional

    we have to be pragmatic
    pragmatism is not a euphemism
    for concessions
    although it may feel that way

    don’t mention Allah or martyrs
    it reminds them of Al Qaeda and 9/11
    it’s not your job to fix their ignorance

    don’t talk about refugees
    or a one-state solution
    if we want to win
    we have to compromise
    the road to peace is just ahead

    don’t make analogies that include
    the Holocaust, Nazis, or the Warsaw Ghetto
    only Israelis are allowed to do this
    when discussing wars on
    Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran

    don’t mention Yaffa, Haifa, Safad
    or where your family is from
    but if you do
    nod when random people say they love Israel
    it doesn’t matter where you came from
    you can’t go back

    just don’t
    and that will lead to doing.

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