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    Ramzy Baroud UK Tour-Don't miss it!!!


    Internationally respected Palestinian/American writer Ramzy Baroud is touring Britain with his phenomenal new book "My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story ' (Pluto Press 2010). .


    Noam Chomsky: "Ramzy Baroud's sensitive, thoughtful, searching writing penetrates to the core of moral dilemmas that their intended audiences evade at their peril"

    Gilad Atzmon – : "Ramzy Baroud’s “My Father Was A Freedom Fighter” is more than a book, it is actually a masterpiece .. Ramzy’s father Mohammed, was a freedom fighter. He didn’t win a single war, not even a battle, yet, against all odds, in spite of his poverty and illness, he managed to educate his children and to plant hope in their young souls

    Cindy and Craig Corrie, The Rachel Corrie Foundation: "This book should be read by all who struggle to understand the Middle East and to find passage to a just peace in the region."


    Sunday 18th April (12.00 - onward) Talk and book signing, Waterstones Richmond, West London

    Monday 19th April (12:00 –15:00) Glasgow University

    Monday 19th  6 pm April - Annual Hetherington lecture, Stirling University

    Tuesday 20th  7 pm April - Dundee University

    Wed 21st  April (7:00 –9:30 pm) Jews for Justice for Palestinians @ YMCA Fitzroy Sq

    Thurs 22nd April (7-9 pm) - Richmond & Kingston PSC United Reform Church

    Fri 23rd  April (6:30-8:15 pm) - Bookmarks 1 Bloomsbury Street, London

    Sunday 25th  April (7.45pm - ) Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax

    Monday 26th April (6.30 pm-), with Gilad Atzmon - Albion Beatnik Bookshop, 34a Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford.


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