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    Ode to Boycott

    It is encouraging and cheering to find out that those who are daily engaged in gatekeeping, silencing and harassing  people within the Palestinian Solidarity movement can also be poetically creative and musically productive.

    Well done!!!

    A PROMS performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was taken off air  yesterday after it was  interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters.

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    On a further note, I may as well admit that, regardless of the  politics involved, it takes some boldness to stop a symphonic orchestra playing a violin concerto. I certainly cannot imagine myself engaging in such an act in million years.  Regardless of the legitimacy of such a non-violent  act, which I do not doubt, I have to agree that the people who stopped the Israeli  orchestra, weren’t at all ordinary. I hope that their action will lead Israelis towards self-reflection, but I actually doubt it very much.

    Here are the lyrics of the BBI’s ”Ode to Boycott”.

    Israel, end your occupation:

    There’s no peace on stolen land.

    We’ll sing out for liberation

    ‘till you hear and understand.

    Ethnic cleansing and apartheid

    Should belong to history.

    Human rights cannot be silenced:

    Palestine will soon be free!



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