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    Mezvinsky & Atzmon on Heidegger's Podium

    Dear friends

    I am away (with no internet or wifi connection)  for 3 weeks finishing a new  book and teaching Jazz.

    However, I just learned that my talk for Cafe Palestine @ Freiburg University is now available on youtube.

    Last month I toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland  together with Frank Harrison and Dr Gabi Weber     for 3 weeks. I gave talks about music and Jewish identity ahead of the publication of the German edition of The Wandering Who (October 2012). The legendary American historian Prof. Norton Mezvinsky Joined us for three days.

    The following is our joint talk in Freiburg University on 03.07.2012 (German translation by Dr. Gabi Weber)


    Gilad Atzmon on The Wandering Who



    Prof. Norton Mezvinsky on Jewish Histroy, Zionism and Israel




    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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