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    Israeli Summer- Thousands of Israeli protesters clash with police

     Police arrest a demonstrator during a protest for social justice in Tel Aviv

    When the summers comes, it is too hot for Israelis to stay at home. This is when the Israelis are awaken to their 'social problems'.

    Haaretz reported this morning

    "Police arrested 89 demonstrators after more than 6,500 people converged in and around Tel Aviv's Habima Square on Saturday night, protesting the arrest on Friday of Daphni Leef, a leader of last summer's social protest movement.

    The protesters blocked Ibn Gabirol Street north to Rabin Square, before moving and blocking Ayalon highway. Around 20 demonstrators were removed by police after breaking into branches of Hapoalim, Leumi and Discount banks."

    I guess that the only way to calm the Israelis protesters down is to award them with an escalation in Gaza..


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