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    In Case You Are Around


    Hello everybody, I am in the USA at the moment.

    I will be very busy meeting friends, activists and journalists.

    Some of the meetings are open to the public. In case you happen to be around here is the list:

    29.6     7 PM Flying Squirrel Community Space 285 Clarissa St. Rochester, NY 

    30.6  7 PM Billsboro Winery 4760 West Lake Road Geneva, New York.  The event is orgenised by Deir Yassin Remembered.

    1.7 7PM  Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street,  Denver Colorado

    2.7 6 PM   Aspen Community Church, 200 East Bleeker Street Aspen, Colorado

    03.07   7:30 PM  Plaza Americas - Houston, Texas (Sponsors: Al-Awda, Houston and KPFT -Radio For Peace. Co-sponsors: Arab American Cultural Center (PACC) and Palestinians for Peace and Democracy (P4PD)

    06.07   6:00 PM  University of Texas - Austin Texas (Sponsor: Al-Awda)

    In case you want to schedule an interview with me, please contact me via the sidebar contact box.

    Peace Gilad



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