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    I love his directness.

    Here are a few words by Ken O'keefe, a solidarity hero: a man who embodies the true spirit of resistance.


    You are among the conscious minority who can see amid the collective insanity of the masses who are blind.

    You have a heart and you use it for so much more then the simple necessity of pumping of blood.

    You are truly blessed yet this blessing is often lost in the illusions of popular culture.

    You have been given the greatest gifts of all, the gifts of life & humanity… and you are wise enough to exercise and nurture them.

    You are often ignored or vilified or imprisoned or worse, yet you are who you are, you are human.

    You are the conspirator and co-creator of a better world, a just and peaceful world.

    You are the ancestor of those yet unborn.

    You are my brother, my sister, my family, and we are one.

    We are Truth, we are Justice, we are Peace,

    And we are indomitable!

    Ken O'keefe

    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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