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    Hypocrites by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

    An extract:

    You are not welcome in our stolen land of Palestine with your existing mentality

    Before we accept you and welcome you as guests and as our brothers and sisters in our land that you have stolen:


    Wash the blood off your hands
    Weep the souls of the little ones you’ve murdered

    Weep the innocent villages you’ve destroyed

    Weep the blessed olive trees you’ve uprooted

    Weep the tears of little girls you’ve orphaned

    Weep the mutilated bodies of small boys you’ve devastated

    Weep the tens of thousands of youth you’ve disabled

    Weep the tens of thousands of homes you demolished

    Weep the millions of aching hearts of refugees you’ve created

    Weep the soil of the Holy Land you’ve polluted

    Weep the stream waters and ancient wells you’ve poisoned

    Weep the hundreds of thousands of bodies you’ve tortured

    Weep the hills and orchards you’ve disfigured

    Weep the alleyways you’ve dissected

    Weep the landscape you’ve cut to pieces

    Weep the towns you’ve bombed to oblivion

    Weep the dignified women you’ve dishonoured

    Weep the enduring elderly you’ve humiliated

    Weep the infants you prevented from getting to hospitals

    Weep the laughter and giggles of tiny ones you’ve muted

    Weep the scents of herbs and blossoms you’ve suffocated

    Weep the farms you’ve destroyed and confiscated

    Weep the culture of embroidery, humus and falafel you’ve robbed and claimed

    Weep the prophets’ messages you've abused and defiled

    Weep the Divine Guidance you’ve corrupted

    Weep the Ten Commandments you’ve violated

    To read it all:

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