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    Gilad Atzmon with Sammi Ibrahem-Unity Fm

    On June 16 I was  guesting  with Palestinian activist, Sammi Ibrahem, on his radio show on  Unity FM, Birmingham. I was looking forward to meet Sammi, who is the man behind the invaluable, a site dedicated to the Palestinian Holocaust.

    I believe that the radio program will be interesting to those of us involved in the cause, and the topics are, indeed serious : we spoke about Israel, Palestine, Zionism, Holocaust, Nakba, Kashmir, and more.
    The comical part of the talk however -- starring my stalker, Tony Greenstein -- starts around 19:51 and lasts  for about 7 minutes.


    Face The Nation - 16 June 2011 - Part 1 by Gilad Atzmon

    Face The Nation - 16 June 2011 - Part 2 by Gilad Atzmon


    ( Note : Also, I made a bit of a silly mistake in the  course of the discussion; I referred to Yitzhak Ben-Zvi as the first Israeli president. He was obviously the second.)


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