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    Gilad Atzmon: Goyim’s Organs Are Needed


    Haaretz reported yesterday that an Israeli man was “arrested on Friday for allegedly running an organ trafficking network in the Ukraine”

    According to the report, the network operated for over three years and recruited donors via the internet. Most of the donors were young women who agreed to sell a kidney for $10,000.

    The organs were sold to Israelis for $200,000 and more.  Ukrainian police estimated that the network made a gross sum of $40 million.

    This year we learned about some extensive Israeli organ harvesting and trafficking, a New York rabbis  running an organ trafficking network. This week we read about Israeli body organ dealers in Ukraine.

    Someone should take the challenge and explain to us all why is it that ever so often we learn about Israelis and Rabbis buying and selling human organs.


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