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Eugene Schulman: What Heidegger Hysteria Tells Us About the Press

Comment by Gilad Atzmon: I am delighted to see the dichotomy between Athens and Jerusalem being discussed and I am very happy to see my writing at the centre of that debate.  However,  I do not agree with the opinion of Schulman and others that Athens and Jerusalem are the ‘two roots of Western civilization’. I see Jerusalem as a corrosive force that is there to castrate the Athenian West by means of ‘correctness’ (law and righteousness).  However, Schulman is spot on, The Guardian of Judea is a mere symptom and far from being alone.  In fairness,  The Guardian often criticises Israel, yet,  its criticism is vetted by Kosher considerations. You won't find The Guardian’s criticising Jewish political power within British politics.  The paper limits its discourse to politically correct anti- Zionist discussion.  As such the Guardian, like most progressive outlets, operates as a control opposition and should be exposed for what it is.