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    Azizi bin Habeebi: The Division Game 

    Lyrics below:
    The Division Game!?
    Eh, I'm ok, thank you

    No, no, seriously, I'm looking for a nicer game for me
    But sank you, sank you

    OH, you want to divide Islam into Sunni & Shiite and more, and you want me
    To choose one and not the other?! No, I'm ok, sank you, I'd rather not divide
    The book in half, I want to learn from everybody how to love better..
    And by the way, when you split one brother against another..
    Well, lets just say your own divide and conquer has never been so easy...

    So you want to say to yourself, in a loud voice, you're chosen and the rest not?!
    And God promised you a land and homelessness is ok for me?!
    I bet you all the way from here that there's a more compassionate
    Version of God in your hands,
    And I bet you my eyes & ears this God would love to be Your chosen one.
    And by the way, your God is sayig out loud you're the chosen one?!
    Tell me, who's going to play with you and love you as you are as an equal
    When that happens?!

    You know, I can't find anywhere in any one of your bibles where it says it is your
    Oil that happens to live under my feet,
    That it is yours for the taking with the most brutal force.
    You send armies of mostly innocent children who will come back
    Broken men -- my wound is your shame brother, yes brother.
    Oh, and by the way, you want to call any resistance to your brutness
    Terrorism? My calculations say the one who carries the bigger weapon is the
    Bigger terrorist --
    But hey, I really don't want to play this division game.
    No, no, not for me

    It seems to me all the scores in this game are always in the negative...
    The winner is the one who loses less..
    No no, not for me
    You know, some games you lose an eye, but with this one I'm losing
    My humanity

    Hey, how about a game of compassion, where every player is delighted to lose.
    Yeah, one where I can show you my cards and you help me beat you.
    Since the beginning of time there's always been people playing it.
    It's just a matter of how many will it take to turn the division game
    Into the multiplication game.

    Give me love give me love
    Beat me I beat me
    And I raise you
    I raise you and I'll love you more
    Out love me out love you...
    (Lots of kisses)

    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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