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    An open letter to Ali Abunimah & Co

    In the spirit of the ‘Jews only’ tradition inherent to Zionism, Israel and even the Jewish left, a bunch of Palestinian prominent activists last night signed a ‘Palestinian only’ declaration of both the necessary and the obvious.

    An open letter to Ali Abunimah & Co

    Your recent Palestinian declaration stands firmly against racism and bigotry – well done!

    Considering my relentless efforts against Jewish racism, and bearing in mind the fact that both my parents hold British Mandate Palestinian birth certificates and that I define myself as a ‘Hebrew-Speaking Palestinian’, I ask that you add me to your ‘Palestinian-only’ list.

    Such a move can only serve to demonstrate that, unlike ‘Jews Only’ organisations, you really are pluralist, diverse, inclusive and genuine in your anti-racist call.

    Sincerely Yours

    Gilad Atzmon

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