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    Atzmon writes  on political matters, social issues,  Jewish identity and culture. His  papers are published on very many press outlets around the world.  Here is just a short list of his recent publications: World News, Press Tv, Rebelion, The Daily Telegraph, Uprooted Palestinians, Veterans Today, Palestine Telegraph, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Aljazeera Magazine,   Information Clearing House,   Middle-East-Online,   Palestine Chronicle, The People Voice, RedressShoa (The Palestinian Holocaust) , The Guardian, transcend and many more.

    Gilad and All That Jazz

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    Gilad Atzmon is one of modern music's most respected musicians. He is also a controversial public opponent of Israel. Born into a pro-Zionist family and serving in the first Lebanon War, Gilad had a dramatic turnaround. He quit the army, picked up his sax and exiled himself to London, declaring ...

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    Gilad Atzmon's New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics

    Jewish identity is tied up with some of the most difficult and contentious issues of today. The purpose in this book is to open many of these issues up for discussion. Since Israel defines itself openly as the ‘Jewish State’, we should ask what the notions of ’Judaism’, ‘Jewishness’, ‘Jewish culture’ and ‘Jewish ideology’ stand for. Gilad examines the tribal aspects embedded in Jewish secular discourse, both Zionist and anti Zionist; the ‘holocaust religion’; the meaning of ‘history’ and ‘time’ within the Jewish political discourse; the anti-Gentile ideologies entangled within different forms of secular Jewish political discourse and even within the Jewish left. He questions what it is that leads Diaspora Jews to identify themselves with Israel and affiliate with its politics. The devastating state of our world affairs raises an immediate demand for a conceptual shift in our intellectual and philosophical attitude towards politics, identity politics and history.

    The book is available on  or

    Gilad Atzmon on HardTalk BBC Persia (english) from Gilad Atzmon on Vimeo.


    El Al - Not to be confused with Halal


    My Next American Tour (music, talks & both) 

    Hello everybody.

    I'll be touring the USA in the second half of September. I still have a few free days which I am happy to fill.

    If you are interested, please contact me ASAP.

    Peace Gilad



    Medical Aid as a Weapon

    by Paul Larudee /

    Q: Why is Egypt preventing medical aid to Gaza?
    A: So that Israel can use it as a weapon, that’s why.

    This explains why dozens of volunteer medical personnel cannot reach the desperately understaffed hospitals in Gaza. It explains why Egypt turned away a convoy of desperately needed medical supplies.

    In this time of crisis, Egypt has sealed the border with Gaza, except occasionally to Palestinians who are registered with Israel as residents of Gaza. For anything else, please apply to Israel.

    That’s fine for UNRWA, ANERA, UPA and other groups Israel has approved as relief agencies and who buy a lot of their supplies from Israeli sources, store it in Israeli warehouses, use Israeli transportation, have personnel that live in Israel and generally meet Israeli requirements and contribute to the Israeli economy. But what about doctors that carry Lebanese passports? Or Pakistanis, Algerians, Venezuelans, Sudanese, Iranians, Cubans or Syrians? Or who are not permitted to travel to or through Israel because they are on a long list of people who are critical of Israel, such as the organizers of the relief convoy that was turned away? Until the Sisi administration they used to be able to enter through Egypt.

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    Jon Stewart On Jewish Power

    Remember - Jewish Power is the capacity to silence the debate on Jewish Power


    So Who Is Under A Siege? 

    American airlines have halted flights to and from Israel’s  following a rocket strike near Ben-Gurion Airport yesterday. According to some reports, the change is due to a decision made by the  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Many European airlines follow this call and also suspend flights. So you tell me who is under a siege?



    The End of Israel

    By Gilad Atzmon

    In his speech to the nation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged yesterday that the war on Gaza is a battle for the existence of the Jewish State. Netanyahu is correct. And Israel cannot win this battle; it cannot even define what a victory might entail. Surely the battle is not about the tunnels or the militants’ underground operation, the tunnels are just weapons of resistance rather than the resistance itself. The Hamas and Gaza militants lured Israel into a battle zone in which it could never succeed and Hamas set the conditions, chose the ground and has written the terms required to conclude this cycle of violence.

    For ten days Netanyahu did all he could to prevent an IDF ground operation. He was facing the reality that Israel lacks a military answer to Palestinian resistance. Netanyahu knew that a defeat on the ground would eradicate the little that remains of IDF’s power of deterrence.

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    On my way to Japan...

    22-30 Japan Summer Tour

    22 Osaka Concert with Eric Weigman, Namba, Jazz Spot 845, Osaka, Japan

    23-  8 pm, Gilad Atzmon Trio, Kamihikouki Cafe, Sapporo, Japan Japan

    24 Lecture at the Sapporo University 

    24 Lunch time concert at Otaru University of Commerce

    25 A talk and a concert (Hakon Storm Guitar, Eric Wiegmann dr)  at the Little Clover, Osaka, Japan

    26-27  With Norman Watt Roy @ Fuji Rock, Japan

    28 Gilad Atzmon Trio The Royal Horse, Osaka, Japan

    29  The Power Cats (Asaf Sirkis, Ross Stanley & Gilad Atzmon) Yorozuyasobe,  Kobe

    30 With Norman Watt Roy in Kyoto

    31 With Shez Raja at The Hideaway, London


    2 Gilad Atzmon & the OHE @ Passing Cloud, East London

    7 Gilad Atzmon & the OHE featuring American Guitar Star Saul Rubin (Playing cureently with Sonny Rollins' band)  at the Pizza Express Jazz Club, London

    8-15 The best Jazz workshop in Europe - Saarwellingen Music Workshop, Saarwellingen, Germany  (An integrated Workshop and a music festival)

    25-26 Gilad with Strings, a tribute to Charlie Parker, Ronnie Scott’s,  London

    Don't Miss: International Jazzworkshop: Concerts from 08 - 15 august 2014


    Living in a Jewish 'Democracy' 

    No, it is not about occupation or 1967 (as the Jewish Left’ suggests). There is no coexistence or prospect of harmony, just Jewish supremacy..



    Gaza 2014: Old Israel in a New Middle East

    By Mosab Qashoo


    The military operations undertaken by both Israel and Gaza bear many resemblances to what occurred in 2008 and 2012. Military might is still just as disproportionate, with Israel dropping hundreds of tonnes of explosives in 1,600 bombings and Hamas firing 1,500 non-explosive projectiles and rockets. Similarly, while it is unjust to compare casualties, the enormous gap between the over 265 Gazans and the 2 Israelis killed is telling. Of course Israeli weaponry is ever advancing with the assistance of US tax dollars. Despite the loss of its tunnels into Egypt and its severed relationship with the Syrian regime, Hamas has launched rockets farther than ever before and has sent surveillance drones and SCUBA divers into Israel. Interestingly, both Hamas and the Israeli government have implemented new tactics meant to warn civilians of impending attacks. Many news networks have focused on so-called “warning rockets” or “roof tapping”, very friendly sounding words that, no doubt, were crafted and injected into the conversation by Israeli Hasbarists. This media sculpting is very skillful, considering that these “warning rockets” are likely more powerful than Hamas’ most advanced rocket. Not to mention that most of these smaller bombs hit less than a minute before a massive bombing, giving Gazans little time to move to a slightly safer location, and certainly not enough time to gather family photos, identity documents, money or other valuables. They also announced their ground invasion in advance, though there is little Gazans could do to prepare. Hamas has provided slightly more meaningful warnings through text messages and TV broadcasts hours prior to launching rockets, a reasonable time for Israeli citizens to take care of their business and get into their bomb shelters. It is as if there is a side battle of who can appear to be giving the most warning to the other side.

    The use of social media is a much loved topic in most news outlets. In this instance, the interest lies not in the use of social media to allow for citizen journalism or political participation, but instead for its application in military scenarios. For example, Israel now has a smartphone app that warns Israelis of approaching rockets and projectiles. On July 14th, Hamas hacked into the most watched Israeli TV station during prime time and also managed to send blanket text messages to Israeli cell phones in order to convey, in Hebrew, a message stating that Israeli children are not more important than Palestinian children, and that their projectiles would continue as long as Israel continued to target Gazan children, houses, hospitals and schools. Hamas may have learned to focus its media message on the Israeli public rather than the international community from Hezbollah during its conflict with Israel in 2006, the idea being that Israelis will hear these messages and encourage their government to tone down aggression.

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    Operation Bibi Rescue

    By Gilad Atzmon

    The IDF launched a vast ground operation in Gaza last night. Until now, Israel has failed to articulate its military objectives. No one in Israel is willing to commit to a definition of what a victory would look like. I am afraid that the military objective is obvious: saving Netanyahu’s political career.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu and his defense minister Moshe Ya’alon have no other options. The two have tried to avoid a ground operation. Like most IDF leaders, Netanyahu and Ya’alon know that the Israeli army lacks the capability to counter Gaza’s ballistic defiance. Israel lost its power of deterrence a while ago. Instead, it developed impressive technology to deal with a ballistic threat. The Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system performed exceptionally well, however, strategically, it proved counter effective. It liberated Hamas and other organisations in Gaza to unleash their rockets arsenal against Israeli cities, putting Israel on the defence while maintaining an ethical position since no one was getting hurt.

    From a military perspective, this exposes a unique shift. The Hamas and IDF have swapped military doctrines. While in the past, Israel and the IDF were associated with the offensive doctrine philosophy – the belief that “attack is the best form of defence.”  Now the Hamas and other Palestinian freedom fighters are calling the shots and seeking engagement.

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    The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon

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