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Gary Spedding - Sabbos Goy or Israeli Agent?

Pro Palestinian pretender Spedding doesn’t want us to use “anti-Semitic Jewish power tropes” he doesn’t want us to ‘vilify’ those “Jews who do identify with Zionism.” The obvious next question is, ‘what in hell makes Spedding think that he is a Palestinian solidarity activist?’ This guy is a text book ultra Zionist merchant, probably an Hasbara agent.  

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Turexit Next

Those who are troubled by the drastic measures enacted by the Turkish government since the coup and are mystified by the vast popularity of Erdogan and his regime are advised to look in the mirror. 

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Putin, Erdogan and the Plot Against the Rest of Us

Did the emerging alliance among Russia, Turkey and possibly Syria lead a few Turkish military leaders to execute a coup? Is it coincidental that the headquarters of the failed coup was at Incirlik Air Base, the Turkish airfield from which the United States and NATO regularly launch airstrikes against the Islamic State?  As the picture clarifies, it seems that the coup attempt was motivated by the emerging alliance between Turkey and Russia. The possibility that Turkey becomes integral to a peaceful resolution in Syria brings to an end NATO’s interventionist war against the Assad regime. The plotters against Erdogan were desperate to halt such a transition.

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United Against The Working Class

Why do they divide us into segments of biology (Black, Lesbians, Gays, Jews etc')? In this short (E&R) clip I elaborate on the role of the (new) Left and Jewish intelligencia in the creation of sectarianism. I suggest that the desperate attempt to tackle nationalism led the left to adopt Hitlerian biological determinism. 

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Military Coup Defeated By The People

Despite the general condemnation of Erdogan within intellectual and artistic circles, the Turkish president is extremely popular in Turkey. Earlier today, the Turkish people heeded  their President’s webcam call to take to the streets and defeat a well-orchestrated  military coup.

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Shymaa's story from GAZA - "We Are the Ones"

Shymaa, a little 4 yr old girl who laid in a comma in a GAZA hospital, during the summer of 2014. She would recover to find her entire family was murdered during an Israeli bombing. Her story sparked the 2 Unite All benefit album with 30 world famed musicians like Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, Stewart Copeland, Philip Lawrence (Bruno Mars) and the Love All Love Wins / UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) 

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NYC Talk on Thursday: What Do Trump, Sanders and Brexit Have in Common?

What Do Trump, Sanders and Brexit Have in Common?

July 7, 8-10 pm

18 West 18th St, Room 503 (5th floor)

(After the talk I will be playing with Saul Rubin @ Fat Cat)

The Post Political Condition 

Please join Gilad Atzmon on Thursday evening July 7 for an informal talk and exchange of ideas.  

What Do Trump, Sanders and Brexit Have in Common? 

Are they the most visible symptoms of a general fatigue on the part of the public? 

We will explore how these three very visible phenomena appear to result from exhaustion with party politics, ‘post modernism,’ identity politics, the tyranny of political correctness, the effects of controlled opposition, and the unending and immoral interventionist wars around the world.  

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From Elie Wiesel to Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn thinks that his "Jewish friends'  are not "responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu Government." Corbyn may be right, but Elie Wiesel doesn't agree.  Israel and the Jews are for him one and the same...

Jeremy's Jewish Friends

Corbyn did have one Jewish friend. His name is Paul Eisen. Mr. Eisen was among the first to support Corbyn. He was the first to praise the old proletariat leader. He believed in Corbyn’s ability to win the Labour leadership and to bring positive change to this country.  But Corbyn dropped Mr. Eisen in immediate response to the slightest pressure from Corbyn’s so-called “Jewish friends.”

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Mammonism, Brexit and The Rest of Us

Mammonism is a type of capitalism that is driven by financial transactions such as trade, banking and stock exchanges instead of by manufacturing. It is the exploitive capitalist agenda manipulated by the large financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and the financial speculators like Soros.  

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The Defeat of Bernie Sanders

If you voted for Bernie Sanders, please don’t buy the nonsense that you have hurt Hillary’s chances in the fall. Hillary has inflicted more damage upon herself than Bernie or Trump could ever aspire to. And only the Republican’s choice of a litigious, duplicitous, reality TV star make the election results seem to matter at all. 

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