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Welcome to Gilad Atzmon's webpage. This site provides information about Gilad's musical and intellectual activity.  

The Man Who Changed The World - by Martin Noakes

We haven't needed hydrocarbon energy for more than a century! Nikola Tesla was the electrical engineer, who has been virtually written out of the history books because  he had the knowledge and ability to give the world FREE ENERGY... To this day no one has surpassed his knowledge (officially at least).

P.S. I hope you like the sax solo towards the end...

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London Jazz News: Gilad Atzmon Quartet at Twickenham Jazz Club

And what music...No grandstanding opener to knock 'em dead but a slow haunting original,The Romantic Church, which had the crowd in its grip from the opening bars to its dying fall conclusion - a master stroke. In total contrast, next up was one of those compound time Middle Eastern thrillers that really introduced us to the band's new Turkish drummer Derin Bayhan acomplete master of this complex rhythmic language And the new genial Atzmon even led some hand claps on the easy beats and on a later tune even jollied us into some community whistling based on interjections of that old two note wolf-whistle phrase

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