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Dear friends, I am off for a week or so..

I won't publish any papers or thoughts in the next 10 days. But I leave you with a great new tune by Corroncho Dos .

I had a lot of fun  recording with with Phil Manzanera and Lucho Brevia.. I am also very proud of this unusual sax track. The sax goes mental around 3.13 and keeps blowing hard till the very  end... 

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Paedophilia and Tribal Loyalty

The Jewish Chronicle reports today the “owner of a (Jewish) children's summer camp, who is accused of failing to act when naked images of three- and four-year-old girls were found on his business partner's phone, has chosen not to give evidence.”

The prosecution claims that Tal Landsman, the owner of the Jewish camp, “willfully exposed children to harm by not immediately reporting his best friend Ben Lewis to the authorities.”

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A to Zion in Paris (video)

Bar Mitzvah – the moment when the male Jew accepts that his foreskin is not going to grow back 

Canaan – the land of milking money 

Falafel Balls – the testicles of a rare Biblical animal; a very special Jewish traditional dish adopted by the Arabs. Now popular in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria

Hamas – a Palestinian homemade short-range rocket workshop. Not so good for the Jews

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Creativity in exile

“One would have expected that considering their history that is basically a continuous holocaust with a few tea breaks, they would be the first people to locate themselves at the forefront of anti-racism, anti-oppression and it’s a quite embarrassing fact that just the three years after the liberation of Auschwitz, they wiped out Palestine, they ethnically cleansed 75% of the population, they wiped out the entire civilisation.”

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Zionism is a Jewish Symptom

Rosie Charalmbous (Cyprus News Digest) speaks with Gilad Atzmon about Zionism, Israel and the Jewish political symptom: Israeli brutality, Jewish controlled opposition, Jewish  left racism, Jewish progressive culture of deceit, The Guardian of Judeaand many other troublingtopics no one dares talking about...  

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Music Education, Jazz and Resistance

Our jazz course focuses on musical intuition as opposed to academic or theoretical knowledge. We believe that music is primarily an attempt to produce beauty. We believe in playing and a lot of it. Jam sessions every night. Extensive combo workshops and instrumental instruction. Like Martin Heidegger, I believe that to teach is to teach others how to learn. We teach our students how to become their own instructors.   

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Being a Goy in NY (must watch)

Is land annexation a Zionist symptom? This documentary  tells the story ofanother annexation project.  The protagonists here are  a rabbinical Anti- Zionist  community, they want to expand and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal...

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On Jewish projection...

‘Jewish fear,’ as such, is self-inflicted -- the more brutal the Israelis are, the more fearful they become of the  possibility that the Palestinians may be equally murderous. Similarly, the more the Jew hates the 'goy,' the more the Jew is mortified by the possibility that the goy may also express some animosity in return.  

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On IDF Brutality and the Meaning of the Holocaust

Major General Yair Golan proves that racist and genocidal Israel is more liberal, genuine and open than the entire Diaspora Jewish so called ‘dissent.’  In fact, the very few dissident Jews who have something meaningful, deep and uncompromising to say about the Jewish State,  Jewishness and Judaism have been Israelis.  The Diaspora Jewish dissent has behaved quite differently, they lie for the tribe, they silence true dissenters and thoughtful critiques. They sustain the notion of the primacy of Jewish suffering through a controlled opposition apparatus.

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Hitler the Ultra Zionist!

In a bizarre effort to paper over the historical truth regarding Hitler and the Haavara Agreement, Professor Rainer Schulze of Essex University wrote an article totally lacking intellectual integrity.  Schulze’s piece in the Independent, ‘Hitler and Zionism: Why the Haavara Agreement does not mean the Nazis were Zionists’, demonstrates that fear of Zionists and their extensive power extends beyond the Labour party. It is deeply entrenched within the British psyche and institutionally embedded in academia. 

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The Protocols Of The Elders Of Labour

Jewish power is no longer a vague or mysterious concept. We should listen to the words of a few of the prime Elder Jewish oligarchs and learn from them about the future of the Labour party and its political role.

The following videos were not forged by a Russian Tsar. They are believed to be authentic documentations of Jewish Labour donors and peers. 

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