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Tribally United

By Gilad Atzmon

As one would expect the bond between the Islamphobic Zionists, the so-called ‘progressive’ Jews and the Red Sabbath Goyim is tightening up. Once again, I am in the centre of it all. Harry’s Place, The Jew Sans Frontieres Mark Elf, and the tribally led  Workers Liberty are pretty annoyed at me for exposing the ‘kosher’ sinister motivation behind the slander campaign against Martin Smith, the veteran SWP’s secretary accusing him of being a sex offender and a rapist.

However, I have now read the SWP report on the Martin Smith affair on Socialist Unity, another Zionised ‘Red’ outlet known to many of us as Socialist Jewnity. The document is written in an archaic revolutionary language and is at parts pretty amusing. However, it is obviously clear that the SWP went out of its way to investigate the allegations against Smith. It called a ‘disputes committee’ made of seven ‘female comrades’ and one male. They interviewed all parties involved and came to the conclusion that Smith is innocent.

Martin Smith is obviously not a Rapist. His only crime so far is supporting Atzmon and refusing to bow to Jewish pressure. This is the reason that those who chase him are my most devoted detractors in the UK.

It doesn’t take a genius to grasp that what we see here is an exact repetition of AIPAC campaign against Chuck Hagel - Lies, defamation, slander misinformation, pressure, pressure and more pressure.   All those tactics are unfortunately intrinsic to Jewish political discourse- Right, Left and Centre. Yet, as in the case of Chuck Hagel, the Jewish lobbies politics backfire. It only exposes the defamers and their dark and sinister immoral motivations. I guess that people who are engaged in the ‘politics of the chosen’ are doomed to lack empathy. And this also applies to those who are stupid enough to call themselves 'progressive'. For progressiveness is nothing but a continuation of tribal  choseness! It only means that someone else is ‘reactionary’.

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