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The jewish notion of capitalism – Jacques Attali

By Romain Red

In the following video, Jacques Attali tells a joke which, according to him, explains best what is happening in the modern financialised system!

The video is in French but we provide an English translation… Pay attention to the character’s names to fully grab Attali’s view on the financial world!

It is Shlomo who calls David:

Listen I have a big deal for you, I have a truck full of trousers and each of them is worth 1 dollar! You want them?! Great!

David takes the trousers and calls Jonathan:

Listen I have a big deal for you, I have a truck full of trousers and each of them is worth 2 dollars! You want them?! Great!

Jonathan calls shaoule and offers 3 dollars and the story goes on…

Until Moses calls Christian and says: “Listen I have a big deal for you, some trousers worth 49 dollars each.

Oh great, says Christian…

The day after Christian calls Moses saying: Listen, you sold me trousers, you really are a swindler

Moses: What do you mean a swindler?

Christian: Of course you are, you sold me some trousers, for 49 dollars each, which are unwearable!

Moses: What do you mean by unwearable?

Christian: You know what I mean, I opened the truck, and there were the trousers… with only one leg! What do you want me to do with one-legged trousers? No one wears one-legged trousers!

Moses: you don’t understand, they are not meant to be worn, they are meant to be bought, sold, bought, sold etc…

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