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RUPERT MURDOCH SONG - Forever In The Shit!



Rupert Murdoch
A smarmy aussie tit
He used to be a billionaire
But now he's losing it
He bugged the Royal family
He hacked a murdered kid
Now Rupert Murdoch
Is forever in the shit

He wanted to buy all of that Sky TV
he thougt he could be
like a new BBC
and wanted its cash
for to milk all its worth
but when he hacked our dead soldiers
we said not an earth


He was Mr Big in the News of the World
He thought he could charm us
with pap and naked girls
But his young love Rebecca
She fucked him real good
Now his world is no more
And we just saved the truth


Now in that USA
He runs that FOX TV
he's poisoning minds
in the land of the free
Though Glen Beck and O'Reilly
he's peddlng lies
Now his President Palin's
is pie in the sky


(c) 2011 Words and music by Alan Smart

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