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Omar Barghouti – on “White People”

Omar Barghouti – on “White People”

Short Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: As it seems Arab and Palestinian activists are not free of mistakes. In this short video Omar Barghouti, leader of the BDS movement, appears  to adhere to  some biological determinist generalisations. I believe that Barghouti didn't think it through and if he did, he better justify his position. I plan to write a paper about the Arab Left and ‘post colonial’ terminology.

Omar Barghouti – on “White People”


For some peculiar reason Omar Barghouti, BDS’s leading activist makes some biologically determinist remarks. He for instance declares that he won’t take a lecture from a “white person”. But Barghouti doesn’t stop there, he clearly makes a connection between ‘skin colour’, political stand and violence. It seems as if Barghouti is also aware of himself making a racist statement when he suggests that “the white race is the most violent in history of mankind.”

Barghouti’s embarrassing comment must raise a few questions. Is there a a new emerging conflict between Palestinians and White People or the ‘White race’? Why does Mr. Barghouti chose to employ racist, and biological determinist terminology? Clearly he could express the same idea by referring to Westerners culture, history or even Western expansionism...

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