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Welcome to Gilad Atzmon's webpage. This site provides information about Gilad's musical and intellectual activity.  

Lifta - film-in-progress (must watch)

Lifta is the only remaining Arab village depopulated in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence that has not been completely destroyed or re-populated by Jews. Lifta’s Arab heritage, architecture and history are about to be erased by Jerusalem’s municipality that plans to build over 250 luxury villas, shops and a hotel on this site. An international coalition which includes Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews is trying to stop this development and preserve Lifta as a place of memory, of respect and, hopefully, of reconciliation. The scenes are from a documentary film-in-progress about this struggle.

Uncommon Ground: Struggle for a Palestinian Shtetl from Menachem Daum on Vimeo.

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