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Welcome to Gilad Atzmon's webpage. This site provides information about Gilad's musical and intellectual activity.  

Gilad Atzmon Talks about music, Palestine, Zionism and Islam

We are touring all over Europe at the moment

I met Underyourskin in my hotel room in Vienna just before our concert.

We spoke about everything...

politics, Palestine, Zionism, Left, Jewish Left, Islam, resistance...:

and also about music, art funding, the art of resistance,  beauty..


This is where we play this month:

Gilad Atzmon & the OHE


March  6,  su        Vienna/AU                   Porgy & Bess   

March 7, Mo         Paris/Fr                        Libraire Résistances (talk & concert)

March  8, tue        Redange/Lux                L'inouï

March  9, we         Frankfurt/Ger               Kulturfabrik      

March 11, fri         Klosters/Sw                  Kulturverein      

March 12, sa         Chur/Sw                        3 Könige 

March  13, Su        Freiburg/Ger                  Cafe Palestine (a talk)

March 13, su         Freiburg/Ger                   Jazzhaus          

March 14, mo         Pforzheim/Ger                 Domicile             

March 15, tue         Saarwellingen/Ger           Jazzclub             

March 16, we          Zürich/Sw                       Moods         

March 17, thu          Karlsruhe/Ger                 Tempel  (Talk & Concert)                            

March 18, fr             Köln/Ger                       Altes Pfandhaus      

March 19, sa            Heilbronn/Ger                Jazzclub  

Latin America

March  21 San José Costa Ricca J Interview with Radio-Universidad and university- newspaper

March 22  Turrialba, Costa Ricca  Working with circus group .

March 23 village of Tres Equis, Costa Ricca  village of Tres Equis.

March 24 Turrialba: Workshop with students of youth  Orchestera. 5pm Concert together with Fantazztico in Turrialba

March 25 Siquirres  5 pm Concert with Fantazztico

March 26 Village of Alegria: 11 am together with a small circus group
March 27 village of St. Marta: 11 am together with circus

March 28  San José: 5pm Conference at university Of San Jose  

March 29 Concert at Jazz Café / Escazu 9pm

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