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A comment by Nahida Izzat on ICH

Through many years of work with Palestine solidarity, I came to realize that the movement is heavily infiltrated by Jewish (Zionist and anti-Zionist) activists*, thus affecting at core level the path, aims and strategy of the movement. They also have managed to influence many in the movement including some Palestinian "intellectuals".

Through this infiltration they were able to obliterate the concept of LIBERATION and remove it completely from the vocabulary.

Some other consequences of allowing such element at the heart of solidarity is their STEERING the movement towards a favourable position when dealing with "israeli"-Jews.

They aim to block intellectual discussion, suppress Academic Freedom, obstruct rational and scholarly debate, filter vital information and smother serious research that examines four main identifiable problems:

1) The problem of the Ideology of Jewish Supremacism (by accusation of anti-Semitism)

2) The problem of Global Jewish-Zionist Networking and Lobbying. (by accusation of anti-Semitism)

3) The problem of idolizing the Holocaust (which is used as a tool to further Zionists aims) (by accusation of Holocaust denial)

4) The problem of manipulating world policies through False-Flag operations. (by accusation of being a conspiracy theorist)
*word added by Gilad Atzmon

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