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Welcome to Gilad Atzmon's webpage. This site provides information about Gilad's musical and intellectual activity.  

The Shakshuka System - MUST WATCH

Zionism promised to make the Jews people like all other people. It vowed to 'civilise' the Diaspora Jews by means of 'homecoming' making them productive and ethical,  Watch this Israeli superb documentary film and judge for yourself whether Zionism has fulfilled its promise to the Jews

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All About Jazz Review -The Spirit Of Trane (4 stars)

Duke Ellington's exquisite "In A Sentimental Mood," the first track on their memorable team-up album for Impulse! is here given a luscious treatment with the subtle addition of strings. "Invitation," the Coltrane version of which was found on Standard Coltrane a 1962 Prestige release but actually recorded in 1958. Like that version it's given a slow ballad treatment with Atzmon on sultry tenor augmented by the string quartet. 

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An incredible Review by Music From The Other Side of the Room

I’ve been an admirer of Coltrane’s music since re-discovering his work when I was in College twelve years ago, and with The Spirit of Trane, it’s one of the most emotional, beautiful, and touching tributes to the master that Gilad and the Orient House ensemble brings here. As he once said again about music, “I think music is an instrument. It can create the initial thought patterns that can change the thinking of people.

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Take It From the Rabbi’s Mouth

The following  article was published on this site in May 2013. In recent weeks we have witnessed some anti Zionist rabbinical Jews  outraged by the attempt to equate Judaism and Zionism. I plan to write on the topic extensively but a brief look at this 1942 rabbinical affirmation of Zionism  is rather revealing: 

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Being in Berlin in Time

In this Berlin talk (June 2017) I elaborateon identitarian politics being a cancerous disaster at the core of our current dystopia. I delve into ID politics' intellectual and political roots: the New Left, cultural Marxism and the meaning of fascism. I also spoke about philosophy of history  and German past in particular.  

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