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Israel supplied weapons to Syrian rebel groups

The IDF has forced the Jerusalem Post to remove its explosive report on the Israeli military giving weapons to the Syrian rebels, the newspaper’s managing editor confirmed to RT.

David Brinn, the managing editor of the Jerusalem Post, told RT that the story was removed “for security reasons.” 

The Jerusalem Post article was removed shortly after being published, but a version of the article can still be read using Google cache.

The article  claimed that regular supplies of light weapons and ammunition to the Syrian militants holding the territories near the Israeli border were part of Operation Good Neighbor, which Israel portrayed as a 'humanitarian mission' focused on providing Syrians with “food, clothes and fuel.”

I guess that the words 'good' and 'neighbour' have different meanings in Hebrew. But here is something to ponder about: the word  'humanitarian' doesn't even exist in Hebrew*. I assume that those who led the revival of the modern Hebrew language didn't think that such a  word would have any use in Zion. 


* Israelis use the english expression when they refer to humanitarian causes or missions.

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