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The Meaning of Little


By Gilad Atzmon

Patrick Little, whom the Jewish press refer to as a ‘white supremacist, a ‘neo Nazi’ and a ‘nut-job’ ran as a Republican candidate in the California Senate race yesterday. 

Little insists that the Jews are over represented in American elite and government. He wants this to be fixed. He wants America to emancipate itself from The Lobby. He blames Jewish elite for, pretty much everything from 9-11 and every other global conflict involving America in recent decades.  He picks on the Jews because, as he resolutely says, they control the banks, Hollywood, the media, academia, political lobbying and so on. 

Those within the MSM who tried to challenge Little met some resistance.  The young republican politician is far from being stupid or an ignoramus. He is familiar with the  details involved in the relevant discourse. He relentlessly and unapologetically refers to Kevin Macdonald, David Irving and David Duke. The mainstream journalists who attempted to ridicule Little found themselves on the defence, they didn’t know how to deal with his attitude to history, statistics and factuality in general. I guess that in an era dominated by tyranny of correctness, journalists and commentators have lost their ability to encounter in a proper ideological exchange. For a while we have been seeing texts removed from public libraries, bookshops and Amazon but the thirst for knowledge is, apparently, rooted in the human spirit – it is far from being defeated. 

Little is repeatedly accused of being a ‘white supremacist’ and a ‘racist' but his take on slavery, for instance, is certainly way more advanced and progressive than any of the social justice heroes around. Little offers to allocate the next ten years of ‘Israel aid’ to descendants of slavery. This he believes could wipe out the shame of slavery once and for all. Such an idea,  as far as I am concerned, borders genius. I would be interested to learn what is JVP or J-Street’s counter argument if they have one. More significantly, I wonder why is it Little rather than Black Lives Matter who presented such a revolutionary idea? 

Little also denies the progressive claim that White Americans are over represented in American elite. He argues that it is Jews who are grossly over represented. Once this is fixed, Blacks, Hispanics and others may for the first time, in American history, be represented appropriately within government and the ruling elite.

Little also deconstructs the core of the progressive  terminological repertoire. ‘White Supremacy,’ according to Little is a nothing but a misleading Jewish projection. It is basically Jews attributing choseness to White goyim.   

No one can deny that Little’s method to deal with the so called ‘Jewish problem’ is rather extreme. He wants Jews out of government, he was even quoted by Jewish press outlets suggesting to lock Jews in internment camps. On a first glimpse it indeed sounds radical but it is clearly not as radical as the measures implemented by the Jewish State against the indigenous people of Palestine. The Palestinians are discriminated by the Israeli law. Millions of them are locked behind walls and barbed wires. Once they approach the edge of their open air jail the Palestinian are met with Israeli snipers who do not hesitate much before they kill. 

Last month Little scored 18% in a poll, a surprising second place behind elder Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. Yesterday Little has managed to secure himself more than 54.000 votes. He is certainly not in the second place but he isn’t alone either. 

A few days ahead of the California primaries we witnessed some signs of panic within the American Jewish universe to do with Little’s popularity. Israel Unwired wrote two days ago,  “The polls indicate that he (Little) is doing rather well and may indeed have a chance at reaching a 2nd round in the upcoming election.” Canary Mission, an ultra Zionist body that fights individuals and organizations that challenge Israeli policies sees Little as public enemy. According to the Canary Mission Little “is one of the most vile anti-Semites around today…This guy is a total nut-job and the kind of person that should not be allowed to represent anyone – let alone the entire State of California.”

I guess that Little is a ‘nut-job.’ In the world in which we live only suicidal nuts are brave enough to counter the strongest people on the land. The history of the Jews, however, reveals that some ‘nut-jobs’ have become powerful enough to cause a lot of harm to the tribe. I would, therefore advise American Jewish institutions to be slightly more attentive to the Littles out there. The frustration is growing and as Jewish history can tell, the transition into a tidal wave of hate is often sudden and unpredictable.

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