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On the False Dichotomy Between 'Jews' and 'Zionism'

Lebanon | Ex-Israeli Saxophonist: Most People are Making a False Dichotomy Between Jews and Zionism

...Atzmon said that a lot of people are making a false dichotomy between Jews and Zionism, and explained that there are three categories in the Jewish world, there are Jews the people, Judaism the religion, and Jewishness the ideology and the culture..

He pointed that a lot of Jews don’t follow Judaism, they do not go to Synagogue, yet they are identified politically and culturally as Jews.

The saxophonist said that most people in the west and in the Arab world do not understand it, Jews, that are the people, may not be the problem, and Judaism is also not the problem, but Jewishness is always the problem for people are identified with a group that is racially oriented..."

If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

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