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The Power to Silence


Chris Evans, Editor of The Telegraph wrote the following an hour ago:

“Dear reader,
Yesterday we published the story that a leading businessman had been granted an injunction to prevent this newspaper from revealing alleged sexual harassment and racial abuse by him of staff. Our reporters have worked on this story for eight months, but the businessman has so far spent close to £500,000 in legal fees to block his identification.

I and my colleagues at The Telegraph see this is an interesting moment, not only in the era of #MeToo and the fight against the misuse of non-disclosure agreements, but in the struggle for press freedom. That is why we have chosen to fight the ruling. You can read more of our thinking and what is at stake in yesterday's leader.

This afternoon, Sir Philip Green has been named as the businessman at the centre of allegations of ‘repeated sexual harassment, racist abuse and bullying’ by Lord Peter Hain in the House of Lords.”

For a change, I have nothing to add…

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