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Seattle, WA University Temple United Methodist Church, The Social Room


Keynote Address
“Why has the Solidarity Movement achieved so little for Palestinians!”

LANGUAGE CAPTURE argues special uest Gilad.

Ever notice how “efty ews” profess Palestinian support ut most just dilute the Palestinian caus! Their discourse deploys words to salve a Jewish Left and a Jewish Right.

Learn how a sensitive, but ery racist, OPPRESSOR successfully “pulls the wool.”

Speaker Atzmon will emphasize your role in this LINGUISTIC Warfare!

It is key to the 2016 Election too!

t stays GRIM for Palestinians until you deploy
verdue piercing words to counter ambivalence
, reversals, shifts in so-called Progressive Jews
’ discours.

“Racism” and “Gross Injustice” must never get shoved aside by substitute ‘clever’ terminology.

Learn in a participatory setting from the master.

Mark your calendar.
Activate and be there. Tell others. Bring friends!

7 PM Saturday May 16
University Temple United Methodist Church, The Social Room

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