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Feedback on The Wandering Who?
Message: Hi Gilad,

Just finished The Wandering Who?  I bought a copy at The Bedford Arms after selling as many as I could to your very appreciative audience. Although filled with details that I didn’t fully appreciate or understand I found the book intriguing and thought provoking. I really enjoyed reading it. I finished it yesterday so thought I’d feedback before I come along to see you on Monday.

Three deas had particular resonance.
First the idea of identity and links to loyalties greater than context and community.  The second the idea of a religion that uses the holocaust at its emotional and moral glue and the third the extent to which the west’s global finances have been shaped by the above. I’ve been touched personally by the first  two and feel sadly we have yet to  see the full consequences of the third.

Sorry if I’ve made a superficial stab at understanding the book but so glad I’ve read it.

Chris Lock, Bedford

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