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Hot Off The Press - Britain Pulled the Strings Behind Anti Settlement Resolution

Haaretz reports tonight  that it was actually the Brits that “encouraged New Zealand to continue pushing for a vote even without Egyptian support.” Israeli diplomats say that from information that reached the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, British legal figures and diplomats had been working directly with the Palestinians on the wording of the resolution even before it was distributed by Egypt the first time on Wednesday evening. 

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UN Resolution 2334 Is good For Israel

If Israel would be an ordinary state, as Zionism initially promised,  it would take some time to reflect on the resolution and consider the necessary measures to amend its public image. But as one would expect, the Jewish State did the complete opposite. It took the path of the bully and decided to punish the world. 

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Theresa May's Personal Message to the Jews

My advice to Mrs May would be that it is not she who can really fight Anti-Semitism. The only people who can defeat anti-Semitism are the Jews themselves. All they have to do is to drop their choseness and become ordinary people – in effect, stop being so special and join the human race.

But then, when the Jew is no longer chosen, there is very little left for the Jew to celebrate or is it that when the Jew is no longer ‘chosen’ he/she is no longer a Jew?  

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