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    In 2007 Gilad extended his role as a Producer, working with outstanding singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie to produce her debut album released in September 2009.

    In 2008 Gilad also produced the Brazilian percussion star Adriano Adewale., the multi ethnic Irish band Yurodny

    In 2009 Gilad produced the fabulous Elizabeth Simonian and Bart Dewin as well as the international  super band Nick Roth's Yurodny .

    in 2010 Atzmon produced The Gohsts Within, a collaboration album between the legendary Robert Wyatt, Ros Stephen and Atzmon. The Album will be released on 11th October 2010.

     Gilad is currently producing the UK legendary bass player Norman Watt-Roy’s debut album.




    Sarah Gillespie's Stalking Juliet

    In 2007 Gilad  Produced  singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie's to debut album released in September 2009.

    He has been performing with her since then





    Adriano's new quartet features Nathan Thomson on Bass, Marcelo Andrade on saxes, flute and violin and Kadialy Kouyate on Kora.

    The group has just released their debut album Sementes [Seeds] which has been produced by Gilad Atzmon and features special guests Gilad Atzmon and Antonio Forcione.


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